sram mountain bike accessory

SRAM mountain bike accessory is a company that specializes in making quality components used on bikes. It is known for its highly regarded brakes, drivetrains and suspension system. Its brand has been one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to bicycle parts. The components are not only of higher quality, but they are also cheaper than the other brands found in the market today.

What are mountain bike accessories?

The term "mountain bike accessories" is used to describe a lot of different parts and tools that are used with mountain bikes. These are often interchangeable, so it is important to be specific when you are looking for something.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of riding you want to do. For example, if you intend to ride on dirt roads, there are special mountain bike tires that are designed for this purpose. If you plan on riding on pavement, then a flat tire will be fine.

If you want to ride downhill and have some downhill experience, then you may want to look into getting a shock absorber or a suspension system. You can also find several types of bikes that come with these features built into them.

Another important thing to remember is that your bike needs to be able to handle different kinds of terrain. For example, if you intend on riding in mud or sand, then you will need a specialized bike with extra grip. You may also need a more powerful engine as well as larger brakes.

One other thing you should think about is how much gear you plan on using while riding. Some people like using small bags or panniers while others prefer larger packs or backpacks. You can also find different types of accessories.

Why are mountain bike accessories important?

Cycling is a sport that has an increasing number of practitioners every year, and it's because it's a great way to keep in shape, to be in contact with nature, to spend time with friends and family or to go through places where you would never be able to reach on foot.

There are many types of bicycles, depending on the terrain and the use we want to give them: the classic bicycle for going around the city, the mountain bike for routes through forests and mountains, road bikes for those who like to travel long distances by bicycle. But there are also many accessories that can be used with any type of bike, such as baskets, locks, GPS or helmets.

And today we're going to talk about mountain bike accessories because we think they're very important for both the enjoyment of cycling and your safety.

SRAM XX Trigger Shifters

The SRAM XX Trigger Shifters bring SRAM's signature Exact Actuation to a lightweight, ergonomic package to deliver fast and accurate shifts every time. The two-position trigger moves in one direction for upshifts and the opposite for downshifts so you can keep your hands where they belong on the bars. The XX triggers are designed to be used with DoubleTap front derailleurs only.


Compatible with 10-speed drivetrains only

Exact Actuation ensures precise shifting throughout the entire gear range

Aluminum lever and carbon fiber body construction provides low weight without sacrificing durability

MatchMaker X compatible clamp allows you to mount the trigger shifter directly to your brake levers or other controls for a clean handlebar setup

SRAM X01 11-speed Rear Trigger Shifter - 2015

This is the SRAM X01 11-speed Rear Trigger Shifter. The X01 11-speed Rear Trigger Shifter is built for precise and swift shifting. With its aluminum cover and forged aluminum pull lever, it’s made with the durability to handle any ride.

Features & Benefits

Aluminum cover and forged aluminum pull lever for durability and precise shifting

Zero Loss Travel means when you push the shift lever, the derailleur moves immediately for instantaneous shift performance

Multi-Adjustable trigger shifter for personalized ergonomics

MatchMaker X Integrated clamp system mounts directly to SRAM brake levers to clean up handlebar space

SRAM X01 Trigger Shifter

SRAMs X01 trigger shifter is a thing of beauty. The carbon lever body houses SRAMs 1X specific X-ACTUATION technology which translates to precise and dependable 11-speed performance across the entire gear range. Crisp shifts, every time. And, MatchMaker compatibility makes for a clean cockpit by allowing you to mount the brake levers and trigger shifter together.


X-ACTUATION technology for precise and dependable 11-speed performance

Aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever

MatchMaker X compatible

SRAM XX1 1x11 30T Boost Crankset

SRAM's XX1 1x11 cranksets represent the pinnacle of X-Sync chainring technology. SRAM engineers combined proprietary chainring technologies with a dedicated 1x chain and crank design for the ultimate in shifting performance. The unique tooth profile alternates thickness by inner and outer links, ensuring precise, dependable chain engagement. And the open core architecture allows mud to pass through without accumulating on the chainrings.

The XX1 crankset features a carbon crank arm and steel pedal insert for durability. An integrated 24mm spindle is press-fit into each crank arm for increased stiffness and efficiency. For BB30 frames, use SRAM's PF30 bottom bracket with SRAM GXP MTB cups (fits 24/22mm spindle). For BB86 press-fit frames, use SRAM's BB86 bottom bracket with SRAM GXP MTB cups (fits 24/22mm spindle). Or, for PF30 frames, use SRAM's PF30 bottom bracket with a GXP MTB spindle (24mm).

SRAM XX1 X-Sync Direct Mount Chainring - 34T

The SRAM XX1 X-SYNC 11-speed chain ring is the next evolution of the SRAM X-SYNC chain ring. The SRAM XX1 X-SYNC 11-speed chain rings are designed for use with the SRAM XX1 crankset, which features a proprietary direct mount system.

Made of carbon and aluminum, the XX1 X-SYNC chain ring is lighter and stiffer than similar models made from steel. Also compatible with 10 speed chains, the new tooth profile has been optimized to work with narrower 11-speed chains.

SRAM Red 22 GXP 170mm Crankset

The SRAM Red 22 GXP Crankset features a completely hollow construction all the way to the spider, which maximizes stiffness and minimizes weight. The crankarms are forged from a proprietary aluminum alloy that's 30 percent more rigid than the competition, while their hollow design hollow design sheds over 50 grams compared to a standard solid-core crank.

SRAM's X Glide R chainrings feature a unique tooth profile that retains the same positive shift characteristics across all gear combinations, ensuring fast and reliable front shifts every time you click up or down the cassette. The 130 BCD allows you to set your ring configuration to fit your needs perfectly, and SRAM includes both a 53/39t and 50/34t combination to get you started. This crankset is compatible with SRAM 11-speed mechanical systems and 10-speed mechanical systems using an optional 11-speed chainring adapter.