Lytron, based on an auto parts manufacturing company, is gradually becoming a competitive bicycle manufacturer and dealer located in China. Deriving from the enthusiasm towards luxury cars, motor and engine, Lytron have gathered strong strength to produce bicycles and cycling accessories of our own. With decades of concentrated research and accumulation in the area of manufacturing, Lytron is now a powerful company with large-scale production lines, complete supply chains and logistics chains control as well. In order for more customers’ being convinced of our Lytron products, we commit to rigorously controlling the quality of our all products so that we can assure you of the durability and cost-effectiveness of our bikes.

With several years of experience cultivated in the domestic area, Lytron have been accumulating plenty of production technique during the period of expanding the domestic market. Also as we comply with the tent that customer priority, we take aesthetics, practicality and cost-effectiveness as the core value inherent in our brand. Now, we are preparing to expand our business territory, landing the North America and bringing our advanced cycling concept here.

Lytron bike, A lighter way to explore the world.