When you're trying to decide on the best type of bicycle for you, here are some questions to think about:

What would you like to do with your new bike? Do you want to ride it around town and do errands, or do you want a bike that can help you get up into the mountains for a weekend camping trip?

What kind of bicycle do your friends ride? This isn't the be-all and end-all of factors to consider, but it's nice to have a bike that fits in with what your friends ride. It can be easy to make friends when you're out riding together!

What bike have you had in the past that you liked and why? If there was one thing you really loved about a bike, what was it? And what did you not love about it?

How much money are you comfortable spending for a new bicycle? With bikes, more expensive is often better quality—but that doesn't mean an expensive bike is right for everyone.

Carbon fiber road bike

There are a lot of different kinds of bikes out there. While the options may seem endless, it's actually pretty easy to narrow your choices down.

Road bikes are what people think about when they picture riding a bike on roads. They're lightweight, fast and aerodynamic. A road bike has a drop bar handlebar for a more efficient ride position, and the tires have a slim profile that lets them roll faster over pavement. These bikes are not made for off-road use, so they're not built to withstand bumps or jumps. If you plan to ride on pavement, a road bike is the way to go.

Mountain bikes are perfect for off-road riding, such as on trails and bumpy terrain. They have flat bars and wider tires that can take larger impacts without causing damage to the rider or bike. Mountain bikes also have different gear ratios than road bikes, which helps them handle off-road obstacles better than other types of bicycles would.

Electric bikes combine elements of both mountain and road bikes in order to create an all-purpose bicycle that can be used for commuting, exercise or even casual recreational rides around town. Hybrid bicycles tend to have flat bars and a comfortable but more upright riding position that makes these bikes ideal for casual cyclists.

Want to get on a bike and enjoy the great outdoors? Before you buy, consider these factors:

Bikes are super cool. They're good for the environment, they give you a great workout, and riding them is just plain fun! But before you rush to the store, take a couple of minutes to consider your options.

First of all, what do you want to use the bicycle for? Are you planning on biking long distances on a regular basis? Do you plan to bike mostly on smooth surfaces or are you looking for something that can handle dirt trails? Do you need a bike that has easy storage or one that can transport lots of stuff (like groceries)?

Once you've answered these questions, then ask yourself how much money you're comfortable spending. You might be able to get away with something low-cost if all you plan on doing is cruising around town, but if you want to tackle mountain trails, then know that this kind of bike can cost thousands of dollars.

Finally, once you've picked out a few bikes that fit your needs and budget, don't just buy the first one that strikes your fancy: test it out first! Take it for a spin around the parking lot or ask if they have a nearby trail where you can try it out. 

Please don't care if our products have brands you are familiar with. You just have to ride it and feel free to feel our bikes.

So here's my advice: Buy once, buy right. You'll be so happy to have a new set of wheels that work perfectly. You won't have to worry about repairs—and you'll be riding around in style!

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