What Is an E-Bike? And why we choose this new vehicle?
The first you should know is that electric bike is now a promising product. Electric bike sales volume added by an incredible 145 percent during 2019 and 2020 only. It has become a huge film industry, and it will continue its trend.
When someone hears an Electric bike, the first image they would have a motorbike but actually, they are differentA regular bike integrates with a battery and some other parts, that’s the fundamentals of an electric bike.
Some views think that the rise of e-bikes is a threat which will reduce the amount of human-powered bicycle.


How electric bikes work

Electric bikes work the same as common bikes in general. In sum, an electric bike uses the same parts too. The electric parts are used to enhance human power, not completely take place of it. It makes obstacles such as hills more manageable and makes you travel as further as you can without getting so tired.
As the global commuting and travel habit changes following with the prevalent tendency of the shift of commuting methods, electric bikes have their own mission to improving human power.

1. E-bikes make pedaling easier.

Generally speaking, e-bikes are kind of bicycle which assisted by battery-powered equipment, usually from pedal and throttle. When you push your pedal it would give you a pushing power so you can zip up hills and cross every terrain. As you push your assist pedal on your electric bike the motor will save your energy. Also, you can control your electric bike with your feet easily and you will feel really powerful and you can speed up easily.
Let alone the pedal-assist system, some E-bikes also provide us with the throttle that can switch on with the press of the bottom.


2. Electric bikes go pretty fast… to a point.

If you push your pedal harder, you will get the feeling that the bigger boost is helping you. So that you can ride even faster. E-bikes give you the kind of experience of a cruise around the runway ride but they aren’t motorcycles. The motor also has a system to ensure you safe. Depending on the bike, the motor is governed to stop pushing you further when you have arrived at the speed of 20 – 28miles per hour. I shave three minutes off a seven miles commute trip every day and I can still enjoy the scenery on my way.
You can also control how big the help you can get by controlling the electric bike pedal.

3. You’ll ride an e-bike a lot more.

Own an electric bike can conducive to ride more, in accordance with a study of about 1500 electric bike owners in America. Up to 50 riders said they ride E-bike daily. The number has risen to an amazing 91% after their purchasing E-bikes. Even if you are very fit, you can feel tired after your long time riding. If you own an electric bike you can even continue riding while you have broken your legs. ABOUT the group who don’t ride bikes frequently, e-bikes open up a new area for them. A simple person could easily ride about 5-10 miles with an electric assist. It’s a good equipment to help the house to make the habit of exercising and keeping fit.

4. E-bike meets all your needs.

Name a type of riding, and there’s an e-bike for that. If you have no interest in electric bikes at all I believe you will addict to e-bike one day because of their high-capacity-carriage e-bikeE-bikes have different types include cargo, commuter, recreational, hardtail, full-suspension mountain, and so on. We will summarize some of the products that we would like to recommend to you.
The e-bikes are the future of transportation and I believe all you would like to have one! Just choose our electric bike, the brand-new experience followed is splendid!

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