Road carbon fiber bike riding skills, bike riding postures

When riding a road carbon bike, you should relax your whole body, straighten your back, and look straight up (lowering your head and holding your chest will affect your vision, and it is not conducive to breathing, so don't have bad habits). The hand can be lightly held on almost any part of the handlebar. I feel that it is more comfortable to grasp the middle section, and it is also okay to grasp the brake lever. The proper height of the cushion is such that when the foot is pushed to the lowest point, the foot is level and the knee joint is slightly bent. Sit firmly, sit upright, and don't dangle or sway when walking straight


First: Riding carbon fiber bikes Straight:

  Key points: steady, smooth, straight.

   The first thing to ride your road carbon bike is to be steady, not to shake the upper body, and to be "stable as a rock". But not stiff, but relaxed and steady. Just like Tai Chi, relax the whole body. It is easy to shake when it is hard. The force starts from the hips, drives the thighs, and then drives the calves. Don't use the strength of the calf and ankle, you should experience the feeling of using the calf and foot as a force transmission lever. The direction of force is the tangential direction of the crank circle, that is, the 3 and 9 o'clock positions are up and down movement, and the 6 and 12 o'clock positions are the lower legs swinging back and forth. The entire pedaling action should be a complete and smooth circle, which is "smooth". Shun means uniform force and high efficiency. Experts can achieve that the torque output by the chainring in a circular motion is basically the same, and the power output by the left and right legs is basically the same. The way to practice stability and smoothness is high stride frequency exercises (above 110RPM), single-leg exercises (each leg is ridden for a few minutes, alternately, and then both legs are ridden together for adjustment. Repeating several sets of this is suitable for warm-up and relaxation before and after training. ,adjust). It's stable and smooth, and it's not difficult to go straight. Ways to practice straight riding include walking the marking line on the road and riding a roller. There is also a more advanced method is to draw a line on the roller to ride.  

The passing standard for riding stability and efficiency is: ride the white line on the road in the usual posture without a seat bag (as if the seat bag is still there). You will not feel awkward. If you walk continuously for 1KM, you will not qualify. Will be sour (sour means not relaxing enough)

Second: turning your carbon fiber bikes

   First, I will talk about personal high-speed turning skills. There are many high-speed turning variables in a carbon bike group, and I will talk about it later.

   When turning, plan the route before entering the turn. The higher the speed, the larger the turning radius. Walking the outer line can reduce the speed loss, which is more cost-effective than taking the inner line and shortening the distance by a few meters.

   Control the speed before entering the corner. If it is too fast, brake before entering the corner. Dont brake when turning. This is the easiest mistake to make and the most likely to cause a crash. This is because if the wheels stop spinning, the grip will be lost, and the friction between the tires and the ground must be balanced when cornering.

   When turning, the inner bend foot is kept at 12 o'clock, while the outer bend foot is at the lowest point. The center of the body rests on the outer bent foot, and the carbon bike is slightly pressed toward the center of the bend. The eyes are in the direction after the bend.

Third: Your Carbon fiber bikes' Brake

   Be gentle when braking, and dont lock the wheels. The hand should be able to feel the rotation of the rim passing from the brake line. Locking the wheels will lose a large part of the braking force and will cause the carbon bike to lose control. In many accidents, riders panicked in front of a sudden obstacle, tightening their hands, and as a result, the harder they brake, the more they can’t stop, and they lose control and watch themselves crash. If the wheel locks up, let go decisively and adjust it to just not lock up. This kind of feel requires long-term practice and training.

Fourth: Your Carbon fiber bike Climbing

   When climbing a hill, the two postures are used alternately to use different muscles and reduce fatigue. Many people like to stand and feel more beautiful.

   Hold the brake lever while standing, and swing the body and the carbon fiber bike in the opposite direction with a moderate amplitude. That is, when you pull the handlebar with your left hand, push your left foot down, and so on. Except for swinging, don't bend or twist your body.


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