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Is carbon fiber bike durable?

Is carbon fiber bike durable?

What is carbon fiber?

     Carbon fiber is a polymer that is high strength and high modulus fiber with carbon content of more than 90%. It has the best temperature resistance of the others chemical fibers. It is using acrylic and viscose fiber as raw materials, process through high-temperature oxidation and carbonization, which is an excellent material for some aerospace factories and some high-tech equipment. We also can call it graphite fiber. Attribute to the orientation of the graphite microcrystalline structure alone the filament axis which has high strength. Graphite fiber’s density is low, which results in the strength and modulus are high. The main use of carbon fiber is like a reinforcement material and resin, metal, ceramic, and carbon composite, manufacturing advanced composite materials. The strength and modulus of carbon fiber supported epoxy resin composites are the highest among the accessible engineering materials.



The development of carbon fiber bikes

     Since the invention of bikes, the manufacturing materials have changed from the original wooden materials to ordinary carbon steel, chromium-phase steel, and chromium-manganese steel, to light alloy materials such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, and scandium alloy, as well as new non-metallic materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber composite materials. The innovation of bicycle manufacturing materials, its mechanical structure, process modeling, mechanical structure, and so on are also constantly iterating, which promotes the bike performance improvement and function increase. Today, bicycle has been expanded from the initial means of transportation to fitness, competition equipment, and recreational supplies. In particular, the extensive application of carbon fiber in bike manufacturing has brought a new revolution to the bike industry. The full name of the carbon fiber bike is carbon fiber reinforced resin composite bike, which is made of a combination of carbon fiber and resin. Carbon fiber and resin in the role of composite materials are equally, and each other is indispensable. If the composite material is compared to a reinforced concrete structure, this fiber is equivalent to a load-bearing steel bar, and resin is equivalent to concrete, playing a role in the structural formation, fixing the fiber force transfer, which plays a decisive role in the riding quality and body performance of carbon fiber bike.


How to test the durability of your carbon fiber bike?

     It can be performed against standard use and exposure to the harshest conditions possible. Since carbon bike is basically made by carbon fiber. Because the specific strength is high, that will impact more susceptible to extreme load. For example, when a carbon bike was crashed, it will not be bends nor dents, instead, it will crack. This kind of damage can be visible or not. This might be the reason why it has earned a bad rap in the durability department. When the bike’s integrity of the composite has been compromised, it will become fragile and therefore your bike cannot be using anymore. Like this, it would either be replaced. Like other material, carbon deteriorates with usage albeit. Carbon has the longest frame fatigue, so many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on frames with this material. As aging occurs, small cracks form in the resin matrix and what remains is the connection of the fibers. During this process, the stiffness of the bicycle frame changes slightly. As for the different environmental conditions, like your bike sitting under a hot, sunny day, there is nothing you should worry about. Carbon fiber bikes are usually coated with anti-UVA paint, which provides excellent resistance to searing heat.

How to check the quality of your carbon fiber bike 

      First, you need to know the level of your bike. Because bikes are also graded by quality. In addition, the service life of your carbon fiber bike depends on the quality level, you need to know more specific model information of the different parts of your bike. Such as Thunder-Disc from LytronBikes, which sees SHIMANO 105/R7000 rear travel, a Disc&thru-axle 12×100mm travel fork, progressive geometry. This is not like other sluggish carbon fiber bikes, it's an aggressive trail bike that pairs Thunder renowned carbon chassis with Shimano's proven electric drive system to help you ride stable and faster. The Warrior Pro also come from LytronBikes is one of The Year with loads of high-quality components. A desirable package of Shimano groupset and INNOVA-PRO all-terrain go-anywhere tires will have you advancing your idea of what a gravel bike can really do. Relish in the ride provided by Triple Triangle so you can be teleported back to your childhood, blasting around corners, and airing off every little stump in the woods. Grab this bike and get off the pavement.


      Ultimately, you can be sure that when you consider a carbon fiber bike, it will be a durable piece of equipment. You must try to avoid moderate to high impact to your bike, no matter what material it is made of, not only for the sake of your bike but also for your own safety.


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Gravel RS-22S

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LytronBikes Warrior Pro:

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