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There are many reasons for you to have a new coat for your carbon fiber bike. Often it is too bad to abandon the high-performance carbon bike which is out of style as its appearance and its scratch and flakes. Some carbon fiber bike lovers love their bikes but find the painting style becoming out of style over the past years. For somebody, the complete renovation of an old bike is a creative activity. All in all, prolonging the lifespan of your carbon bike is a great reason to repaint the bike.

Preparation of the Workplace

The first tip we recommend is to find a well-ventilated place without dust to insure the paint could dry faster. If you have an unoccupied garage, this is a good place to do this thing. Yet, you should make sure that it is not too cold in the garage if you decide to paint your carbon bike in winter. For many paints are not suitable to apply at a cold temperature. The carbon bike frame surface should be covered with foil over the whole surface of the carbon fiber bike frame. it can keep the carbon bike frame away from unwanted paint mist and, it can prevent the loss of the pick parts of the carbon bike when you dismantling your frame.

Step 1: Start Stripping the carbon fiber Bike

You need to remove all the old parts attached to the old carbon bike. That's the seat, chain, derailleur, wheels, as well as all that stuff.

With those tools, we can get it. The interesting thing is everything you need to remove is pretty clear. Is there a hole for an Allen wrench? Good, use an Allen wrench! That would do something with the brakes, bottle holders, and bar stem. Use the socket wrench to resettle the crank arms, the crescent wrench to apply to the front fork, and the chain tool to adapt the carbon bike chain. If it's your first time doing the operation, be sure to focus on all the parts you have pull off because you'll have to put the small parts back on later. Also, you have to store the parts. It's easy to lose a couple of small pieces along the way.

Step 2: Clean your carbon fiber bike Up

Now you have your carbon fiber bike frame and you should do something to get your carbon bike frame rid of grease and dirt.

Step 3: Sand It Little

You can rough up the old paint surface of your carbon bike with sandpaper. I used 150 grit here but I could've gone even finer. To do this the new paint would have a better surface to be held on to, not to remove the old paint.

When that's done, wipe your carbon bike frame and clean out the dust.

Step 4: Cover Up Anything You Don't Want to Repaint of your carbon fiber bike

This bike has some parts that I don’t want to change so that I use plastic bags to cover them up and use some masking tape to keep them clean as well as a cover-up.

Besides the crank arms, I also use masking tape to cover the brake posts.

Step 5: Paint your carbon fiber bike!

OK, we finally get to paint. Some people recommend changing the entire frame by threading a wire through the head tube and hanging it up by that. If you don't have a good place to hang your carbon bike frame, you can put the frame on the tarp to do the next two steps. The first step was done like in the first photo here with your putting the seat post-opening as well as the rear dropouts. In the second step, I balance it on the crank to let the wind dry it better. It's not either elegant or super stable, but it works.

For each phase of painting, I applied three coats of blue spray paint. Make sure to wait for its drying at least 5 minutes. So do with the 2 steps which resulted in 6 separate coats of paint finally being applied.

After that, I let the whole thing dry overnight before applying 3 coats of the coating paint with the same process.

Step 6: Put Everything about your carbon fiber bikes Back On

Now it's time to put back on all the small parts. Once you have stored your parts it would be easy to find the parts you need. If not, it can be a little annoying.

And that is it, and even a brand-new bike has been in front of you now. 

Some people focus more on the riding skills, but much more also pay attention to the appearance.

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