E-bike maintenance: how to keep your e-bike in better condition
A growing number of people are beginning to involve in electric bikes and making full use of their many benefits not only in commuting but also in leisure cycling.
As for all bikes, keeping on top of the maintenance will make the electric bikes increasingly safe and convenient to ride, also it can make the components last longer. An electric bike is now a valuable investment.
It’s not hard to maintain your e-bike. But still, you should have some ideas on how to fix it. If you are full of your own standard of riding you're going to keep it in the best condition and get then a better use.
We made an interview with an e-bike specialist who has been in the business for 15 years and we have gotten advice on how to maintain your electric bike. According to his words, E-bikes have no need to be maintained in so many complicated ways. The service period is relevant to the same aspects as to how we deal with our regular bikes. However, there are still some factors that are different from the common bikes and we recommend you to learn more.


Good battery care of E-bike

The most obvious difference that we all know between common bikes and electric bikes is the battery“Although there is a motor, an electric bike is still mechanical and it is fundamentally the same as the other bikes. Batteries have very different requirements" The expert said.
We have to put the battery in the ambient temperature because the too hot or too cold weather would badly affect the battery. The best way to prolong the life span of an e-bike is to keep it in your home.
“When it comes to storing the batteries for any length of time, you should ensure that the battery isn’t empty but you also can’t leave your batter there for charging the whole day. Batteries are quite expensive.”
When you are considering the best environment for storing your batteries you can just think that whether the temperature is fit for your pets.

Spoke tension of E-bike

Electric bikes have some problems for spoke that common bikes don’t have for the stress is caused by the motor. But if you are getting your bike serviced, spoke tension will be checked and adjusted, so this would be less likely.” We have to usually check and adjust the spoke tension to ensure that it is fine.


Cleaning the drivetrain

When it comes to caring for your gears, it’s all the same as common bikes. But we should do that more frequently.
A specific tool and some degreaser make this job much easier. Please remember not to pull the oily liquid onto your braking surfaces, but if you do, cleaning them with either a specific brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol which can clean it out.

Avoid pressure washing

E-bikes, although built to be robust, are prone to get a pressure washing and the electric bike should be treated with the same delicacy.
He says: “Just be as careful when cleaning your electric bikes as you are with your ordinary bikes. The main issue we see is people being over-zealous when it comes to cleaning and applying pressure washing on your electric bike

Pay attention to the tires

You can cover much more distance than you can on your normal bikes. The e-bike is heavier so that much more flints could be forced into them. You don’t want to get a puncture, so good to get these out before they work their way further in.
Besides, keeping the tire pressure at full pressure has a greater effect on preventing breakage and preventing sidewall cracks. With the development of automobile tires, electric bikes need more expansion.
Obtaining a pump with a pressure gauge makes you happier because pumping requires happy effort, and many pump pressure gauges make it easier to adjust it to the right level.


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