Daily maintenance of mountain bikes

Mountain carbon fiber bikes can bring us infinite happiness. Every time we rush down the mountain, the body of the carbon bike is also covered with dust as well as mud. If your carbon bike is contaminated by soil, not only does it look, it can actually damage your carbon bike. Correct and efficient maintenance can make your riding life happier.

For mountain carbon fiber bikes cyclists

rain and mud are normal. Atmospheric pollution causes changes in the pH value of surface water and rainwater. With Acid rain falling, long-term failure to maintain it will speed up the corrosion of the paint surface, causing it to oxidize and even peel off. The intrusion of soil makes the transmission system and the shock absorber system become sluggish or even fail. The carbon bike's regular maintenance can help reduce the mechanical failure rate during riding. Many mountain carbon bike owners have many misunderstandings about the maintenance of their vehicles. Now let’s talk about how to maintain your mountain carbon bike.

There is always friction among the movable accessories of mountain carbon bikes. To reduce the friction between them, we need to lubricate them. Lubricating oil is the first thing. The basic of lubrication is to produce an oil film between two accessories that need frictional lubrication. The adhesion time of the oil film determines the effective lubrication time. The scouring of muddy water may destroy the oil film between the accessories. The accessories that have lost the protection of the oil film are exposed. Besides, the intermediate medium is replaced with fine sand, and the wear rate will increase dozens of times. Maintenance is to cut unnecessary sediment is refilled with oil film lubrication.

One thing to note is that during ordinary maintenance, the vehicle should be washed with as little water as possible. It will cause some fine sand to enter the bearing along with the water flow. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause great wear and the front fork shock absorber. The surface of the accessories will lose the protection of the oil film. Although it seems that the water can be cleaned, it is actually at the cost of some mud and sand that has not been washed away but washed into the key accessories. Thus, the usual simple maintenance should be wiped with a damp cloth as much as possible to remove the mud and sand, and then re-oil it.

The carbon fiber bike feels very dirty after being attacked by rain or mud water. Now, you need to do in-depth maintenance. Remove the accessories that may contain sand to clean and replenish oil. Perform basic lubrication and maintenance. Use a cotton cloth to wipe off the mud as much as possible. , In this way, the service life of the carbon bike can be prolonged and we can promote the performance of our carbon fiber bike. Here we will recommend you some of our premium carbon fiber bikes!

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