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LYTRON BIKE is dedicated to become a leading supplier of carbon fiber bicycle frames, parts and accessories by focusing on delivering superior quality product with best service. To design and produce the best Carbon Fiber Bikes with the highest quality build and performance. We are passionate about material innovation and advancing technologies that makes bikes lighter, faster and better.

Carbon Fiber Bike

Looking for a bike you can take with you everywhere, without running afoul of the airlines? Your search is over. The new "biggest little carbon fiber bike in the world" has a clear emphasis on portability and comes with a personal travel bag so it can be easily taken anywhere.
Our Carbon Fiber bike is lightweight and built to last. This beauty packs a lot of punch, with an aluminum frame, thick wheels and a cushioned seat. With features like eight different speeds, a steel crossbar and chain, you'll be sure to ride in style.

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So what is carbon fiber, anyway?

Carbon fiber was once limited to applications in the aerospace industry and the pinnacle series of motor sports competition. For several decades, however, it has been the material of choice for high-performance bicycles, wheels, and other cycling components. Carbon fiber provides bicycle engineers with the potential to create a riding experience that offers an unmatched combination of comfort, stiffness, strength, and efficiency. With its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio and malleability, carbon fiber is second to none for building the world’s best bicycles. In its raw form, carbon fiber is a conjoining of thin, strong fibers. These fibers come in a variety of grades based on overall strength and modulus.

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